Our Vision

Our vision is to build confident, ambitious and independent learners through the highest aspirations for all.

Whitehill Primary School

“This is a good school.
Pupils enjoy school, they behave well, feel safe and are well looked after. Strong and trusting relationships underpin pupils’ enjoyment of learning.”
Ofsted Report

About Whitehill Primary

At Whitehill School, we strongly believe in promoting quality in all we do. For this reason, our school makes fantastic use of all available space and resources not only within the classrooms but in all areas of the learning environment. From high quality playground equipment to fantastically resourced outdoor learning facilities, Whitehill could never be classed as an average school.

The committed team of staff work together to promote exciting approaches to learning, and wherever possible use visits and visitors to enrich learning opportunities for the pupils, both during school time and as part of the extended schools programme.

Happy, Helpful and Hardworking

Our ethos at Whitehill School is happy, helpful and hardworking, we are all committed to creating an inspiring and exciting environment where all children feel confident and safe to learn and take risks. We are united in our belief of working together to nurture and develop all members of the school community to enable them to reach their full academic, social and emotional potential.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • creating the highest quality and exciting learning opportunities
  • enriching learning through the curriculum including amazing opportunities for children
  • ensuring a culture of high quality interactions for all based upon respect and relationships
  • providing excellence, quality and clarity in all undertaken
  • being outward facing
  • being part of a collaborative, wider community with proactive participation with local, regional and national partners together for the benefit of children and families.
  • developing a strong and committed staff
  • creating an inspiring and exciting environment
  • constantly developing and aspiring for growth
  • being a safe and secure environment where all needs are met.

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