Vision, ethos and mission aims

Vision, Ethos and Mission Aims

Vision:             Building confident, ambitious and independent learners through the highest aspirations for all.

Ethos:              Happy, helpful, hardworking.

Mission Aims:

  • Create high quality, enriched learning through the curriculum and universal offer based on exciting opportunities for children.
  • Ensure a culture of excellent communication for all based upon respect and relationships providing clarity in all undertaken.
  • Be outward facing as part of collaborative, wider community with proactive participation with local, regional and national partners
  • Develop as a strong and committed team.
  • Create a safe and inspiring environment where all needs are met.
  • Constantly develop and aspire for growth.

2018 – 2019 Objectives:

  • Teachers’ expectations of all pupils are consistently high in all classes so that pupils are challenged appropriately.
  • A robust, accurate assessment system that supports good rates of progress.
  • Progress is even more rapid for those pupils who need to catch up
  • Pupils make strong and sustained progress across a range of subjects.
  • Attendance to be good.